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Victoria dracena Plants

Victoria dracena Plants

We are the main Dracena Plants Supplier, located in Andhra Pradesh. Our Dracena Plants are widely used by the clients to decorate their residential and official gardens, lawns, lobbies, balconies, etc.
Brand : Taj Nursery
Victoria dracena Plants : These plants are Dracena varieties and not Bamboos as the name suggests. Care:
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Our range of plants include various indoors, outdoors, the choicest collection of bonsais, medicinal and aromatic plants (yet to be updated on this website), cactii varieties, terrariums and special plants designed to last in workstations.
We are proud to say that we are pioneers in designing glass terrariums in Bangalore.
There are a wide range of Tulsi brindavans to choose from - made of terracota, painted terracota, marble, designerware etc.

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